As we are all human, we will have made mistakes in our current life and our past lives and our ancestors will have made mistakes too.

Although there are many ways of cleaning up our mistakes and the karma, I assist clients in clearing negative karma as part of the clearing prayers I write.

This means acknowledging the wrongdoing, apologising to others and possibly God and learning the lessons.

If there is a struggle in the area of relationships, then the following are options: –

  • Apologise for wrongdoing towards past partners in current life.
  • Apologise for being a perpetrator towards partners in past lives.
  • Apologise for interfering in other people’s relationships in past lives.
  • Apologise on behalf of ancestors for their wrongdoing in the area of relationships.

If there is a struggle in the area of finances, then the following are options:

  • Apologise for wrongdoing in current life or past lives and on behalf of ancestors.
  • Apologise for greed.
  • Apologise for stinginess/meanness.
  • Apologise for fraud.
  • Apologise for theft.
  • Apologise for profligacy or squandering money.
  • Apologise for cheating others/getting more than was a fair share in a divorce/inheritance.
  • Apologise for falling out with family/friends over money.
  • Apologise for borrowing money and not paying back.
  • Apologise for irresponsibility around money.
  • Apologise for not giving an employer or customers value for money.
  • Apologise for scamming people/acting dishonestly.
If you are experiencing struggles in any area of life and you believe it is due to the consequences of karma, then please get in contact.