Clearing ancestral curses and karma – All religions – £125

As there is the phrase “the sins of the father get passed on to the sons”, this is effectively letting us know that we can receive the negative karma of deeds done by our ancestors.

However, this prayer actually covers clearing curses, magic, karma and heals trauma from our family and ancestors, thereby clearing and healing us and any descendants.

I include the names of all close family – parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren as well as Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  And where there are fractured families, half siblings, step-family and adopted family members.  However, the effects are strongest within blood lines.

The prayer includes all the following aspects:-

  • Clears attached spirits from family and ancestors – alive or dead
  • Sends souls of late family members and ancestors to the Light
  • Clears negative karma – family or ancestral
  • Clears curses/magic sent from your family/ancestors
  • Clears curses/magic sent to your family/ancestors
  • Clears curses/magic sent within your family/ancestors
  • Acknowledges family or ancestors who have achieved something significant or made a major sacrifice
  • Heals you, family and ancestors from trauma
  • Heals you and family from genetic illnesses and predispositions
  • Creates protection around you and close family