Clearing Blocks to Fertility/Pregnancy and successful birth

This prayer is to support the whole process of having a baby.  Whether it is the mother or father who has fertility challenges, then we can clear blockages.  The prayer can also include healing from previous miscarriages, abortions and still born babies, so that the next pregnancy stands a better chance of being full term.  Also, by choosing to heal in this way, the birth process is likely to be easier as concerns have been dealt with.

The prayer includes some or all of the following:-

  • Saying goodbye to miscarried babies – own or siblings
  • Saying goodbye to aborted babies
  • Saying goodbye to babies or children who have died after their birth – own or siblings
  • Healing from any abuse or inappropriate sexual experience
  • Healing from past relationships
  • Healing past lives of dying in childbirth
  • Healing past lives of having a miscarriage/abortion/still born
  • Healing past lives of having killed a baby/pregnant woman
  • Apologising for wrongdoing of ancestors with regards to babies


A client who already had two sons but then had a miscarriage in her early forties, was able to become pregnant again and have a healthy daughter aged 42.  Although there is no guarantee, the prayer is something to be read with love and intention and is an invitation to a potential baby.

The cost of this type of prayer is £125 for 8 lives/ancestors/root causes and then £25 for each additional two more.