Clearing Blocks to Relationships – £125 +

There are different stages or circumstances with regards to relationships that the prayer can be tailored to:-

  • Never having had a romantic relationship
  • Having incomplete past relationships, stopping moving on to another
  • Having patterns keep on occurring in romantic relationships
  • Being single and wanting to be in a relationship
  • Being in a situation of sharing a partner – the partner being already married or in a relationship
  • Being in a relationship and having an affair and wanting to stop
  • Being in a relationship and wanting it to improve
  • Being in a relationship and wanting to leave it


In writing the prayer, the focus would be on finding past lives or ancestral root causes as to why the problems exist in present life and resolving them within the prayer.

The prayers include the following aspects:-

  • Clearing ghosts/earthbound spirits – especially of past partners from previous lives
  • Clearing malevolent or interfering spirits
  • Clearing negative energies
  • Clearing curses/magic if necessary – especially love spells
  • Disconnecting from past partners if required – current life and past lives
  • General healing
  • Cleansing and strengthening of the aura
  • Grounding
  • Healing and energising of the chakras
  • Clearing and healing of appropriate past lives/ancestral root causes – up to 8
  • Soul retrieval if necessary
  • Cord cutting if necessary
  • Breaking unwanted spiritual control
  • Apologising for wrongdoing with regards to relationships


The cost of this type of prayer is £125 for 8 lives and then £25 for each additional two more.