Clearing current life spiritual sabotage – £150

This is one of the strongest prayers I write and is one of the most challenging.

Many clients come to me to say that they believe someone or people are doing magic against them. Sometimes they know who is doing it, sometimes not.  And occasionally, clients come to me and let me know that they have done some magic themselves or they have got someone to do magic on their behalf.

So, when I construct the clearing prayer, I include specific clearance where possible, but also put in as much general clearance as I can.  And because I don’t want consequences for breaking other people’s magic, I also include aspects to hide what I and you/the client are doing.  One client who believed her mother was doing magic on her, after the prayer, told me that her mother had said to her “I can’t seem to connect with you anymore”

The prayer includes all of the following aspects:-

  • Clears attached ghosts/earthbound spirits
  • Clears malevolent/interfering spirits
  • Clears verbal curses
  • Clears ritualistic curses/black magic/voodoo
  • Breaks love spells and disconnects you from past partners
  • By apologies, clears negative karma
  • General clearing of your home
  • General clearing of any workplaces
  • General clearing of any vehicles
  • Healing for physical body of you, family members and pets living together
  • Disconnects from previous healers who were charlatans or anyone who has psychically tricked you
  • Major protection for you/partner/family/pets/home