I – Nicola Dexter write healing/clearing prayers to the best of my ability and with the information I am given – either from you (the client) or messages from Spirit.

I am unable to give absolute guarantees as to the results as the prayers are answered by God and other positive spirits.  However, I have written more than 4000 prayers over 10 years and clients have had some amazing results.

I charge a certain amount for writing each prayer but the cost is to cover me for the time taken.

I have a number of general prayers which I personalise, although I can write bespoke prayers.

The prayers generally take three weeks to remove the negative spirits/energies/magic but can take longer.  Then the space is cleared for positive things to be guided to you.

The majority of clients work with me over a period of time reading a number of different prayers, as we clear up different aspects of life with each prayer.

I can write prayers to clear blockages to health but this is not instead of medical support, it is complementary.

When removing negative/evil spirits, this can sometimes cause a temporary worsening of symptoms as the spirits are not happy at being removed.  They can then try and trick you into abandoning reading the prayer.

Some removals/clearings can take a period of time – that is because we need to clear all spirits/magic from current life, all spirits/magic that are from the family/ancestors and then we need to heal/clear a number of past lives and the associated spirits/magic/trauma and karma.  The older you are as a soul, the longer this process will take.

Some clients – especially old souls will have to do the urgent clearing at the start and will then be guided to additional healing over time.  This might mean that you are guided to meet people with whom you have karmic issues to resolve or you may simply get a physical symptom occur or an event happen which is a clue to something that needs resolving.

With this kind of healing/clearing – we work as a team and take joint responsibility for the results.