Emotions themselves are not a problem – in fact we need to be able to feel the whole range of emotions to be human.  However, it is when we have overwhelming negative emotions, emotions that are more intense than would seem appropriate to what is going on in our life that there may be a spiritual root cause.

Malevolent spirits have a capability of intensifying our negative feelings, so if we have feelings of anger, then they could increase to rage or aggression.  Attached ghosts are more likely to cause feelings of tearfulness and irritation.  But where there is a ghost possessed by a malevolent spirit – the so-called vengeful ghosts, this could cause significant emotional or behavioural problems for the person the ghost attaches to or possesses.

Emotions can also be exacerbated by having an origin in a past life.  If for example we were hurt/rejected by a particular person in a past life, when we meet them in our current life, we can feel the feelings of hurt and rejection. Even if the person has done nothing to cause us to feel that way.  Healing the past life through prayer is one way of resolving or minimising these feelings.

Another option is to have a face to face/zoom session of Time Line Therapy with Nicola which is another very powerful way of clearing negative feelings –

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