What is the difference between spirit release and soul rescue?

soul rescue is to do with supporting the souls of people or animals who are stuck in going to the Light. Spirit release is dealing with all other kinds of spirits.

What is the difference between a verbal curse and a ritualistic curse?

a verbal curse is something that is wished or said with a strong intention – such as “I hope you die” or “ I hope you suffer”. A ritualistic curse is a type of sabotaging magic where the person performs a ritual and summons negative spirits to fulfil their intention. Such as sticking pins in a voodoo doll to get spirits to cause pain to the person the doll represents.

Is there a difference between a demon and an evil spirit?

An evil spirit is one that generally affects someone, but a demon is one that has a specific effect or that was sent deliberately by someone for a purpose. The phrase “demon drink” would probably mean that a demon has been assigned to make the person an alcoholic.

Is it easy to remove spirits?

some are easy to remove, some are very challenging.  Some spirits are desperate to leave but some want to stay.

Where do spirits come from?

some have attached to you in your current life, some have attached to an ancestor and then down the family line to you and some may have attached to you in a previous life and then reattached to you in present day.

Where are spirits located?

Some spirits are ghosts that haunt places, others are spirits that possess people and others are spirits that attach to people.  Obviously the most challenging to remove are those that are possessing as they are inside the body, whereas attachments are located on the outside – in the auric field.

are some people more vulnerable to spirit attachment/possession than others?

yes.  Some people are generally more sensitive and vulnerable but they can still learn to protect themselves.  However, there are things that people do that make them more vulnerable.  These are things such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol, performing negative spiritual practices, lying, cheating, deceiving, stealing., etc.

what psychic gifts are there?

Clairvoyance – seeing things.  Clairaudience – hearing things.  Clairsentience – feeling things.  Claircognizance – knowing things.  Channelling – allowing messages to be passed through you.  Mediumship – receiving messages from ghosts.  Trance channelling – going into a trance to channel messages.  Psychometry – being able to pick up information from objects/photos.  Telepathy – picking up other’s thoughts.

Precognition/premonition – foreknowledge of an event. Precognitive dreams – a dream that comes true.

There are many more and Wikipedia lists them all under list of psychic abilities.