The concepts of soul retrieval and cord cutting are very well known nowadays, but sometimes they are made to be more complicated than is necessary.

With both of them, the most important aspect is to intend retrieving all your soul and cutting all unwanted cords.  I include doing this in the majority of the prayers I write.  And unless it is a difficult scenario, by having the intention, saying it in the form of a prayer several times, it is likely to be achieved.

There are a number of distinctions that are helpful: –

  • When we are missing bits of our soul, it can cause malfunctions or illness in the body – nobody needs our soul more than we do.
  • If we have been giving bits of our soul away, we need to retrieve it and stop giving it away.
  • If others have taken bits of our soul away, we need to retrieve it and put boundaries in place, to stop it being taken.
  • If we have swapped bits of soul with another, we need to retrieve our bits of soul, return the bits belonging to others and put boundaries in place to stop this pattern.
  • If we have bits of others soul, even if our soul is intake, we need to return the bits belonging to others – a symptom of this is thinking about someone every day.
  • If we have given some of our soul to a job – current or past, we need to retrieve our soul, but re-evaluate our relationship to our career/work.
  • If we have left some of our soul in a place, former home, country of origin, country of holiday, we need to retrieve our soul and learn the lesson of being fully present in the here and now where we are physically located.
  • If we have lost some of our soul and it is in a past life, then we need to know what happened, learn the lessons, bring understanding and retrieve our soul.
  • If we sold our soul to the devil or dark forces, then we need to revoke doing so, forgive ourselves, learn what our vulnerabilities were and heal them. Vulnerabilities such as lust for power, greed, ego and naïvety are examples.
  • Cords can be going into us, from us into another or both ways.
  • Cords can go into our vital organs and drain our energy and vitality.
If you believe that problems with your soul or cords are affecting you in your life, then please get in contact.