What is a love spell?  In my experience, it is magic designed specifically to draw someone to another for the intention of a romantic/sexual relationship.

The easiest way to explain is by examples.  The first was linked with a friend.  The friend lived in England and was having a relationship with a Norwegian woman and was thinking of moving to be with her in Norway.  But it would have been very irresponsible as it would have meant leaving his job, his friends and his family.  He was having his hair cut and the hairdresser said to him “someone has put a love spell on you”.

Immediately he was told this, he realised that it was the Norwegian woman.  And that was why he had been thinking about moving to be with her, when even he didn’t understand his motivations.  Fortunately for him, just knowing about the spell was enough for him to be able to fight its effects and he ended the relationship and stayed in England.

The second example is linked with an osteopath.  A woman came to me and said that she thought she had fallen in love with her osteopath and when she was having sessions, he was touching her sexually.  I was able to revoke his intention, retrieve her soul from him, remove his soul from her and then she was able to very quickly realise that she didn’t love him, it was an abuse of his position and she was able to report him to the police.

Although many affairs have nothing to do with love spells, many do and by breaking the love spells, the errant partner then naturally returns back to his original partner and bitterly regrets having strayed.

My personal belief is that the romance scammers either do magic themselves or have magic done in the background to control the victims, which is why the victims end up losing money, behaving completely irrationally and don’t want to believe the truth that they are being scammed.

The other area where love spells affect people is where the love spells were done in previous lives and then they get reactivated in current life when the two people meet.  I believe that this can cause stalking and obsessions.  Even sometimes obsessions with celebrities.

One of the first times I worked on breaking love spells was with a client who had been to a “spiritual man” to do a love spell on his partner.  His partner was still married but split up and wasn’t taking the actions towards the divorce.  The “spiritual man” he went to, fleeced him out of nearly £1000 to control his partner and despite guarantees of success, it didn’t work.

I wrote a prayer to break the love spell in current life and to complete the past lives binding his partner to the ex.  This worked very successfully, but the “spiritual man” started ringing up my client the very next day, as he was obviously picking up that his magic was being broken.

If you believe that you might be suffering the effects of love spells or they are affecting someone close to you, then please get in touch.