Although some clients/family members/friends will have genuine mental illness that is best treated by the mental health profession, some will have spiritual problems causing mental health challenges: –

  • Hearing voices is clairaudience – psychics hear the voices of spirit guides and loved ones; schizophrenics hear the voices of malevolent spirits.
  • Seeing spirits is clairvoyance – psychics see ghosts and other spirits, those with supposed psychosis see malevolent spirits.
  • Psychics know that spirits from the Light will never tell them what to do. Those with mental health problems hear spirits telling them what to do and either act on what they hear or become distressed due to what they hear.
  • Psychics know that spirits of Light want to assist and the messages have compassion, even if some messages may be in the style of “tough love”. Those with mental health problems may hear voices that are hateful and fault finding.
  • Magic done against someone can also cause psychosis or other mental problems – especially if the person can detect through psychic senses when the magic is being done.
If you believe that there are possible spiritual root causes of mental health problems, then please be in contact.