There has been much research done that shows that our thoughts have energy.  The fascinating work by Dr. Emoto called “The Hidden Messages in Water” shows how the crystalline structure of water can be changed when different thoughts are sent to it and also different musical sounds.  Given that we as human beings are made up of approximately 60% water, other people’s positive and negative thoughts can affect us.
Cursing and wishing someone ill can do exactly that and praying for someone can assist them.
There have been tales of people wishing others to become sick and die and that has happened.  And there have been many tales of people praying for someone and the person recovering miraculously.

Examples of a negative thought form about yourself are the following:-

  • I am useless.
  • I will never get a job.
  • I am lonely.
  • Partners always leave me.
  • I am always late

Examples of a negative thought form towards another are the following: –

  • I hate you.
  • I hope you die.
  • I hope you have an accident.
  • I hope your marriage fails.
  • I hope you get ill.

These thoughts can be just thoughts or they can be spoken or even shouted out.

However, some people are able to create spirits out of thought forms with sufficient intention.These spirits then have some kind of intelligence but no soul and they need dealing with in a completely different way to ghosts or malevolent spirits.

The names of these kinds of spirits are: –

  • Servitors
  • Golems
  • Zombie spirits
  • Tulpas
  • Egregores
  • Sigils – although these are created by magical symbols


Within the prayers, all negative kinds of thought forms including created spirits are dealt with in an appropriate way

If you believe you are being affected by thought forms or created spirits, then please get in touch.