Firstly, it is always recommended to seek medical treatment where there are physical problems.  Spiritual clearing prayers are a complementary healing modality.

Spiritual causes include the following: –

  • Spirit possession.
  • Spirit attachment.
  • Missing bits of soul/bits of other’s soul within you.
  • Spiritual cords.
  • Curses/jinxes.
  • Black magic/voodoo.
  • Ancestral trauma reactivated in your body.
  • Past life trauma reactivated in your body.

Examples of physical problems that could have spiritual causes: –

  • Panic attacks caused by spirits lodged in the heart/lungs area.
  • Feeling of emptiness causing overeating caused by missing bits of soul from the stomach area.
  • Lack of energy due to a cord going into the solar plexus area and sucking energy.
  • Pain anywhere in the body caused by spirits or magic.
  • Pain in a specific place caused by past life injury in that area or injury to an ancestor.
  • Vomiting/nausea caused by being poisoned in a past life.
  • Spontaneous nose bleed caused by being in a fight in a past life.

There are three major steps in healing the physical body through prayer. The first is the identification of the spiritual root causes of the physical problem and there may be several. And the second is the writing of the spiritual clearing prayer to heal these root causes. The third is for you, the client to read the spiritual clearing prayer over a period of three weeks minimum

If you have physical problems for which doctors have not identified a cause and solution, then please be in contact.