Generally speaking, attachment of spirits indicates that the spirits are residing outside of the physical body and possessing indicates that the spirits are sharing the space inside the physical body.  So attachment would be linked with the outer etheric body of the person and possession, the inner etheric.  However, in the spiritual realm, there are not the same boundaries and spirits can come and go, be attached, then possess, then move further out and just be attached.  And some can go between people – hanging around one person, then another.

There are many different kind of issues regarding the removal of ghosts that all need to be taken care of: –

  • Ghost of a loved one does not want to let go of you and move on.
  • You don’t want to let go of the soul/ghost of a loved one.
  • A ghost maybe possessed by another type of spirit, so the other spirit. needs to be removed before the ghost can be supported in going to the Light.
  • A vengeful ghost may need to be spoken to, counselled and persuaded to go to the Light – where this is the case, it would be done separate to the healing prayer but is quite rare.
  • Some ghosts are bound to the earth plane by magic, so the magic needs to be broken before the ghost can be supported in going to the Light.
  • There may need to be soul retrieval performed before the ghost/soul is able to go to the Light – either they need to collect all bits of their soul, they need to give back bits of soul to others still living and sometimes both.
  • Some ghosts are our ancestors who need our assistance or our acknowledgement before they will leave.
  • Some ghosts are linked to our past lives, so we need to discover what happened in the specific past life, in order to free the ghost.

Malevolent spirit removal – this can be done face to face, remotely or by prayer.  And the phrase “some spirits will only be removed through prayer” is one of the reasons I have created these clearing prayers.

Again, there are several aspects to take into account when removing malevolent spirits: –

  • Spirits being embedded within others or possessing others.
  • There are many other types of spirits that are malevolent, not just demons and different requests/strategies may be needed.
  • Fear and anger feed malevolent spirits, so a trust in God is essential and a desire to clear spirits to create a win/win scenario.
  • If a spirit has been sent due to magic, then in order to remove the spirit, the magic must also be broken and the intention revoked.
  • Some malevolent spirits may be linked with us in a past life where we were a victim and some may be linked with a time where we were a perpetrator. In these cases, we may need to forgive and/or apologise before the spirits can be cleared.
  • Some malevolent spirits may be linked to our ancestors being perpetrators or victims and we may need to bring resolution to what happened before the spirits can be cleared.

As I have been clearing spirits since 1995 and been writing prayers since 2011, I have come across every kind of spirit, magic, situation from current life, ancestrally or in past lives and have worked out ways of clearing them all.

If you believe you are being affected by ghosts or malevolent spirits, then please get in touch.