Prayers Available

Clearing current life spiritual sabotage prayer - £150

This prayer clears you of the following:-

  • attached spirits
  • curses/ritualistic curses/black magic/voodoo
  • clears your home/workplace/car
  • clears bad karma
  • clears love spells/disconnects you from past partners
  • healing for your physical body
  • disconnects you from people who have psychically tricked you
  • major protection

Clearing ancestral issues prayer - £100

This prayer clears you of the following:-

  • sends souls of ancestors to the Light
  • clears attached spirits that were linked with ancestors
  • clears bad family or ancestral karma
  • heals you, your family and ancestors of trauma
  • clears curses/magic sent from/within/to your family/ancestors up to 200 generations ago

Clearing past lives through prayer - £100

This prayer clears a number of lifetimes – generally 4:-

  • clears magic/cursing either sent to you or sent by you
  • apologises for wrongdoing
  • forgives others for wrongdoing
  • healing for you and others
  • gives you the information about what happened in the lifetimes
  • gives you a rewritten version of how the lifetime would have been different with Angelic influence


This prayer includes the following:-

  • Clears spirits from premises
  • Clears the ground and surrounding areas
  • Clears spirits from vehicles
  • General clearance of owners/workers
  • Clears curses from competitors
  • Clears some specific issues as agreed
  • Creates major protection for the business
  • Attract more success/profit

Home Clearance prayer - £75 remotely – tbc if on site

  • clears your home
  • clears the ground
  • clears the surrounding area
  • puts protection around your home
  • puts protection around you and everyone else living there


This prayer includes the following:-

  • Clearing attached spirits
  • Clears general bad karma
  • Clears general curses/magic
  • Healing for the physical body
  • Cuts inappropriate connections
  • Does soul retrieval
  • Breaks inappropriate control
  • Gives you protection
  • Some specific issues are also cleared

This can either be done in the first person for yourself or in the third person about someone else or an animal.  Very commonly needed for healing of parents or children.

Nicola Dexter

    Free spiritual reading value £50