There are a number of different types of spiritual interference that can interfere with you living and sleeping peacefully in your home.  However, these spiritual interference can also affect workplaces and the land.

This is what can be cleared: –

  • Ghosts/earthbound spirits of humans and animals.
  • Imprints of previous residents.
  • Evil spirits/dark forces/demons.
  • Elemental spirits – earth, fire, water and air.
  • Nature spirits, sprites, fairies, goblins etc.
  • Other interfering spirits such as jinns and aliens.
  • Curses and evil eye sent to the property/area/land.
  • Black magic rituals – recent and long ago.
  • Negative energy linked with objects in the property.
  • Negative energy linked with previous occupants.

And after the clearance aspects of the prayer, then there is also included protection for the property, ground and all residents/occupants.

House/Flat Guardians

Every building or sub-section of a building has a guardian and generally it will not leave until the building is demolished. Many strange goings on in properties can be the result of an unhappy guardian. Guardians often need de-possessing of other negative spirits and given a gift – normally crystals or flowers but occasionally food.

If you believe your home, building or land is being affected spiritually, then please get in touch.